Tinka’s Vision

“Transparency, Spending control and convenience are key motivators for using BNPL solutions”
– PYMNTS.com
On Thursday April 22nd, Tinka’s CEO Karlheinz Toni made an appearance on the Dutch series “Pak de Macht” to discuss the ethical standards to which the company holds itself. After all, a company offering payment options such as credit, instalments and buy now pay later, can find itself with consumers in debt. This is why Toni took this chance to explain Tinka’s ideology: Honest, transparent and responsible solutions.
Tinka was also the first to sign the show’s “Schuldeiser Manifest” in which they promise to do what it takes to help the consumer with payment solutions without demanding high costs and fines. They promise not to aid in the financial downfall of an individual and will continue to recognise people as people rather than products.
But this is nothing new for the company. They have a Manifest of their own which takes a similar stance. Promises to never abuse their position, to always be available and to be transparent are part of their goal to make everything as stress free as possible. Customers are people, not numbers after all. In their opinion the “rules and regulations” do not offer enough protection for their customers and for this reason they want to step up and be the most desired and responsible company that provides buy now pay later options. With 60+ years of experience, Tinka is growing at an amazing rate and Karlheinz Toni is scheduled to discuss this further in a webinar on Thursday 17th June at 2pm.
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