Why you should get your licence in the Netherlands

The Netherlands not only provides the right ecosystem for companies to grow but also ensures the necessary services are available in the event that you need to outsource a service for your licence – Bob Voermans 

On May 20th our very own Bob Voermans was invited to speak during NFIA’s ’s webinar about trends and opportunities in fintech and payments, to discuss why the Netherlands is an optimal choice regarding banking licences. With 20 + years of experience in payments Bob has found that oftentimes Fintechs raise money for the development of a product only to realise that more than a quarter of their budget is burned by licensing advice without even having started the application. This, he says, is unnecessary. 

So why is the Netherlands an optimal choice? Bob explained that the Netherlands has been a frontrunner in payments since the 90’s and is a country immersed in financial innovation. There are a grand total of 635 fintech companies and offers a rich ecosystem for these companies to thrive. Because of this there is plenty of experience within the Netherlands. Highly qualified and experienced staff have a range of specialties in areas such as legal affairs, fintech, regulations, anti money laundering and compliance to name a few.

Bob also made a point of mentioning the DNB which he explains, has a 10 step authorisation process which makes it very efficient to recieve your license. They also offer the possibility of an introduction meeting before the licence is officially requested during which business plans and plans of operations can be discussed. This then allows a business to identify in advance what the key pillars are to focus on. 

After all, oftentimes the application process for a licence can be daunting considering the amount of time it takes and the lack of guidance throughout. The 10 steps that the DNB offers alongside their introduction meeting establishes a solid foundation in advance that helps avoid confusion and streamlines the process. 

As a word of caution, Bob emphasized the need for a good regulator that best suits you and your company. He advises to look at their past successes and give yourself time and space to do your research. Ultimately there is no quick 6 month fix and such promises are a red flag.


Finally, when choosing a company to accompany and guide you through the licencing process Bob has three points to look out for: 

  • Avoid hourly rates 
  • Clear agreements
  • Transparency


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