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“Fintechamps close the gap between Fin and Tech”
We want to help companies in the FinTech space grow and reach their goals by sharing our knowledge and expertise.

We notice that a lot of e-commerce companies can’t find their way in the fast world of FinTech. It’s a fast moving world, in which you need to know what to do, when to do it, how to do it and who to talk to. We have the know-how and the extensive network to help you get on track.


Over 60 years of experience in the world of FinTech and e-commerce

Founded by Bob, Freek and Mark in 2019, Fintechamps has since grown to a dedicated team of 13 specialists. We have all won our spurs in the industry. Together we have over 60 years of experience in the world of FinTech and e-commerce. Whether you need lead generation, support in fine-tuning your payment strategy, bank licensing, tooling or help finding the right expert for your position, our champs are ready to help.

How can we help you?

Full of experience

Our Champs Force

Bob Voermans
Bob Voermans

Bob has a wealth of experience in the payment industry. He can help you accelerate your fintech company.

Freek Dix
Freek Dix

Freek knows everything you need to know about enterprise level sales.

Mark van der Sluis

Mark can connect you to the right people and helps build strategies.

Paul van den Heuvel
Paul van den Heuvel

Paul is there to help you with developing your organizational structure.

Marco Lambers
Marco Lambers

Marco is our true specialist in pricing and interchange.

Benjamin Lobatto
Benjamin Lobatto

Benjamin knows everything about PSP’s and Merchants of Records.

Michiel Hoogenhuijze
Michiel van Hoogenhuyze

Michiel is a true sales guy that can sell you anything.

Bart Meijer
Bart Meijer

Bart has a strong expertise in finding the right Alternative Payment Methods.

Sam Blees
Sam Blees

Sam is our KYC specialist.

Özgül Tarhan
Özgül Tarhan Köse

Özgül helps large enterprises with their EMI/PSD2 licenses.

Rogier Ijseldijk
Rogier IJsseldijk

If you need help with large complex payment projects, Rogier is your guy.

Sanneke Ros

Sanneke is our B2B and B2C marketing specialist

Oliver Bews

Oliver gets you in touch with the right stakeholders

Rogier de Boer

Rogier brings 15 years of international eCommerce payments experience. He's your go to guy regarding vendor management.