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“Fintechamps close the gap between Fin and Tech”
We want to help companies in the FinTech space grow and reach their goals by sharing our knowledge and expertise.

We notice that a lot of e-commerce companies can’t find their way in the fast world of FinTech. It’s a fast moving world, in which you need to know what to do, when to do it, how to do it and who to talk to. We have the know-how and the extensive network to help you get on track.

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Over 60 years of experience in the world of FinTech and e-commerce

Founded by Bob, Freek and Mark in 2019, Fintechamps has since grown to a dedicated team of 13 specialists. We have all won our spurs in the industry. Together we have over 60 years of experience in the world of FinTech and e-commerce. Whether you need lead generation, support in fine-tuning your payment strategy, bank licensing, tooling or help finding the right expert for your position, our champs are ready to help.

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Full of experience

Our Champs Force

Bob Voermans

Co-Founder & Financial Payment Veteran

Freek Dix

Co-Founder & Serial Entrepreneur

Mark van der Sluis

Co-founder & Financial Payment Veteran

Paul van den Heuvel

Operations Manager & Conversational Commerce

Michiel van Hoogenhuyze

Global Retail Sales Manager & Payment Specialist

Bart Meijer

Global Retail Sales Manager & Payment Specialist

Sanneke Ros

Marketing manager & Brand Strategist

Oliver Bews

Global expansion manager & Fintech Expert

Loek de Lyon

Business Development Manager & Lead Generation Expert

Candaş Üçer

Director MEA and Asia & Fintech Expert

Izabela Cretu

Sales Support Manager & Lead Generation Expert